First of all, I’m an uncle for the third time! Congratulations to my sister on a beautiful niece that I haven’t seen yet. I’m sure she is the most beautiful baby in the world. We’ll see if I’m able to do a post today.

To the links!

-Fun post from Buzzfeed’s Kevin Lincoln about pickup basketball. I give myself a trophy after every game-winning shot I hit in a pickup game. I have like, 3 trophies. I’m pretty good. Bill and Bob would’ve been proud. They loved pickup basketball.

-We’re in the not quite yet Ides of March, but we are in the midst of the greatest month in the history of months. Why? Because of March Madness, of course. Everyone is getting really excited. I cannot wait to fill out a bracket that has only 50% of the picks correct after the first two days. But those first two days of March Madness, oh boy. Getting giddy just thinking about it. Raise your hand if you forgot they made it a 68 team field. Really? It was just me? Oh, I’ll go saunter into the corner now I guess…Not even for a split second?

Deadspin goes hard at Rick Reilly.

Philly mag story about race in Philadelphia. It’s a fairly long read. I think my only race story consists of me saying to a friend the thing that all white people say at one point in their life to defend their non-racism, “One of my best friends is black.” Can’t we all just get along? It’s 2013 people. How is race still an “everyday issue,” like the article says? It’s one of those things I can completely understand and not understand at the same time, if that makes any sense at all.

-Never taken Adderall in my life, and I never will. Pretty scary stuff.

Solid story on MJ, the greatest basketball player ever.

-It’s been said many times before I’m sure, but Mila Kunis is a gem.

-Apparently we can all have superpowers one day. Well, one superpower anyway. Telekinesis may become a possibility through a wireless brain implant. Wait, do we really want telekinesis in our lives? I would appreciate it if we kept telekinesis powers to the likes of Wonderboy, Alex Mack, and whatever X-Man has that power. This is way too futuristic for me. Seeing this would freak me out. Seriously. I can’t even be that
sarcastic with this one.