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Turnovers are Nova’s undoing against Louisville

The first half in a nutshell, for both teams:



The refs are letting the players play and the Louisville is the Queen of roughing up the other team and  exhausting the refs so much that they say to themselves, “If we call every single thing we’ll be here until  2 in the morning.” Not a direct quote from any of the refs. Duh.

So, as a result, there were 18 and 11 turnovers from Villanova and Louisville, respectively.

Halftime- Did you see that crazy Richmond vs. Charlotte finish? Insanity.

2nd half:

Jay definitely told the guys at halftime to play more aggressively, but they play aggressively too obviously. They’re not as sneaky as Louisville is. In the first two minutes of the 2nd half Siva took a shot in the face.

Nice put-back by Mouph gets negated by a Russ Smith 3. Let’s do some quick math, in honor of Pi day, if we hit a 2, and they hit a 3, that’s a +1 advantage for the “they.” Your welcome for the math lesson.

I honestly don’t really know what to say about this game. The score is 48-30 after that insane put-back dunk.

Even the walk-ons are all like:

Somehow the TV wound up on How I Met Your Mother and MTV Jams. Not my doing.

The game made its way back on and Jayvaughn just converted an And-1.

Sweet inbound pass. Turnover number 38.

My dad says to just end the post saying, “Turnover city. Turnover city. Turnover city.”

Nova is going to lose.

No comeback city here.

It’s turnover city. Good night.

The Daily Linkage

Short linkage today.

-High school was so annoying. Middle school sucked. Elementary school was elementary. Cracked let’s us know why we were right to hate it.

-I really enjoyed this post. Basically a technology writer wrote an article about how he doesn’t appreciate basic texts like “Thank You” and this blogger gives him a piece of his mind. Stop being so nice people!

-Hey Wall Street, how about you give some money back to Detroit? They are on the verge of bankruptcy after all. I was in Detroit in 2009 for the Final Four, and shit was bleak then. You only have to drive two minutes out of the city to you see businesses boarded up, abandoned/burned houses and factories. It’s crazy.

-My favorite comedian (I mean, really everyone’s favorite comedian) Louis C.K. going off on a heckler. He’s on so many levels of awesome it’s crazy.

-Veronica Mars is being made into a movie because of Kickstarter. It raised $2 million smackeroos. Crazy, right? In light of this news, Richard Lawson of The Atlantic Wire has some thoughts on why Kickstarter is kind of annoying. I agree with some of his points, but ultimately, and Lawson does acknowledge this, people can do whatever they want with their money. Kickstarter isn’t about charity.

Stay tuned for Nova analysis after the game tonight.

Nova Wins, Proving You Truly Can’t Pitch to Johnny

Coming into this game a little late because I had to get my fitness on.

1st half
So far, despite Nova essentially playing 6-on-5 (get off the court Lavin!), they’re playing really well.

Or, they were anyway. Now they’re turning the ball over and committing stupid fouls.

Also, after seeing that the mascot’s name is “Johnny,” now this has to happen: “Pitch to Johnny, you can’t pitch to Johnny. I’M Johnny!

Raftery tells Mouph to shoot it because nobody is anywhere remotely near him, and Mouph does not oblige. Jayvaughn takes a really tough post shot instead, the Johnnie’s hit two free throws on the other end.

“The fake contact draws the foul.” Dude misses the And-1.

We’re getting to the end of the half and, shit, what are you doing Jayvaughn? What kind of a pass is that? Take the ball up yourself, hold the ball, and take the last shot.  I’m the world’s biggest idiot and even I would never try to make that kind of pass. Dumb mistake.

Straight barnburner right now, 24-24. Villanova should be up 10 right now.

TIme for the Halftime Haze…
…And that’s it for the Halftime Haze!

Let’s start fresh with this second half.

2nd half

Some quick hit play by play:

-Sir starts it off with a dunk that looked like he missed for a second.
-Good post move by Mouph.
End quick hit play by play.

They showed the replay of SIr’s dunk, it went through the net in a really strange way. I still thought he missed for a second. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an idiot.

-Stat box showing free throw stats flashes.I didn’t realize Nova hasn’t taken any free throws yet. Very odd.

-To state the obvious, St. John’s is just playing harder than Nova right now. St. John’s is a team that isn’t going to the tournament, Nova is more than likely going to the tournament. I said they were definitely going, but you never know with the selection committee. If random teams win their conference tournaments, that could push Nova back to the bubble. They are firmly in according to Joey Brackets, Phd, but you never know. This win would put them even further into the bracket of ologys. Not a funny joke, Pat. Moving on.

How did Pointer ever make that shot? I would be in the third row right now if I got hit like that, and I have a sturdy build (read: fat).

Nova takes and makes their first free throw of the game after Jayvaughn hits the aggressive And-1.

Funniest thing said tonight: “I wonder if the walk-ons had to show off their bench celebrations during tryouts.” My pops coming through again this game! He dropped the gem that the one walk-on couldn’t play for a coed intramural team. I laughed for a good minute with both statements.

Walk-ons get up after a standard blocking foul now. Cool dudes. As good of a performance you guys have put on recently, you’ll never match Sutton. Ever.

Arch with two crazy good shots. That three was a really ballsy shot. Last two threes weren’t so great. Okay shots, but not great ones. The one at 13:45 was a little too far.

Tough shot by Pointer at 13:10.

Hilliard thinks he’s Lebron James for a second and tries to dunk from the left wing. Doesn’t really go well. Jay Bilas thinks he was trying to get the foul call. Good call, Bilas. I liked my temporary insanity theory, but trying to draw the foul works fine I guess.

Steve Lavin Get Off The Court. If Sampson was blocked on that play I bet you a dollar Lavin would’ve taken the shot. That’s right, a whole dollar.

Jayvaughn with the monster dunk, his first dunk of the season. Kidding, he just doesn’t dunk as much as I would think he would.

Hilliard does a WWE takedown move on Bourgault from St. John’s, pretty funny.

Also, another movie quote: “I WANNA TALK TO SAMPSON!” You can’t grab the rim Sampson, don’t grab the rim Sampson. I’m not really sure what Lavin is arguing here. He’s arguing possession. Don’t you remember the good old days when a technical foul meant that you were taking foul shots and getting the ball back.

OCHEFU! I’ve never seen you score ever. Good job buddy. Seriously, nice shot.

Ref was looking down and Lavin almost didn’t get the timeout call. Raftery makes the astute observation of why would he even want to call the timeout? St. John’s stole the momentum. Not really sure why he wanted to do that.

Arch with the solid drive and dish down low. I want to start calling him “de Cono” instead of Arch, but I have a feeling it won’t catch on. Oh well. De Cono meaning, “of cone” in Latin. By the way, that was total bullshit. De does mean ‘of’ in Latin but I forget what cono means, if anything. It might be a verb of some sort.

Where were you even going with that Pat? Digress much? Nobody cares about Latin. It’s a dead language. I’m going to save Latin like Max Fisher though.

Seriously, stop with the tangents.

Why have we taken 16 threes? 3-16 is not good.

C’mon Tonnnnnnnny. Make a free throw dude. Makes one. Good enough.

Ah shit, Sutton just went in. St. John’s will now go on a 8-0 run. Book it.

ROFLcopter, Sutton is already out. The stink of Sutton still lingers though. Actually it has worn off. Mouph makes a nice baseline jumper.

You can not make that kind of inbounds pass, Arch. Another bonehead turnover. 17 turnovers isn’t going to cut it tomorrow guys.

Villanova is going to win this game but if they play like this tomorrow against Louisville they’ll lose by 15.

I’m looking forward to seeing if they can play Louisville like they did at Wells Fargo. Can’t really carry over too much from tonight. They played well in spots but it’s imperative that they take better care of the ball tomorrow.

de Cono forever!


The Daily Linkage

The Big East tournament officially started yesterday, but Villanova officially plays today. I’m officially writing a live ‘cap of the game, and posting afterwards.  Enjoy the linkage.

Oral history of the Big East conference. If you’re as much of a fan of college basketball as I am you’ll enjoy this. Some good stuff in here.

What’s your email sign-off? You’re probably one of those dash-name type persons aren’t you? I’m a “Best Regards” sort of person. I’m surprised it wasn’t number one on this list, though the one that is number one doesn’t really surprise me.

-Video game nerdage. The Wii U isn’t really selling that well, but Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto isn’t concerned.  I’d love to play the new Mario, but the price of the Wii U is a little too steep for me at the moment. Plus, I’m sort of trying to cut back on the video games, but not that much.

-I can hardly handle my regular commute, and this chick has a megacommute! A whole lot of “gah’s” with this one. In all seriousness, I don’t loathe commutes, mine is great, but if I did have to drive farther away it wouldn’t be a problem either. It’s just, 15 hours in your car a week to get to the workplace is no joke.

-The Doritos Locos Tacos got so big that Taco Bell had to hire an extra 15,000 employees. With the addition of Cool Ranch, there’s no telling how many more they’ll need. Economic growth, courtesy of Doritos.

-Some dude in the UK got fired because video of him “wrestling a shark” surfaced and he was supposed to be on sick leave for work-related stress. If wrestling a shark isn’t a stress reliever, I don’t know what is.

Ah reminisce ah reminisce: The End of the Old Big East

As we come upon the final days of the Big East as we know it, I wanted to quickly reflect on my Big East roots. It would be hyperbole to say the Big East has contributed to every single good thing that has happened to my family and I, but I have to face facts, the Big East has meant a lot more to my family than I’d like to give it credit for.

I went to Villanova. My two sisters went there, my brother goes there now, and my father coaches there. He also coached at St. John’s. He went to Providence. My grandfather coached at Providence. That’s 3/3 by my count. What’s more, my sisters met their spouses at Villanova. Well, one just happened to go to Villanova Law School, but, you know, semantics. So, that’s my connection to the Big East in a nutshell. I understand the Big East is merely the conference that happens to house these schools that have had a connection to my family. It goes a little deeper.

The guy who created the Big East, Dave Gavitt, used to babysit my father and the rest of the Mullaney clan and was assitant coach to my grandfather for some time at Providence. He had a big vision in mind. He had an idea for the greatest basketball conference in NCAA history. I think he achieved it for a time. They didn’t have the UNC, Duke, Kentucky, or Indiana’s of the world, but they had powerhouses like Syracuse, Georgetown, Providence, and Villanova. They had three big east teams in the final four in 1985.

The premiere event of the Big East was the tournament at Madison Square Gardent. Mr. Gavitt wanted basketball to be played on the biggest stage in the sport – the so-called “mecca of basketball.” Basketball started and ended with New York. New York held the real ballers.

The sentiment has been expressed, but I think the Big East died when it went to 16 teams. It was a cool superconference. But as I say, it was way too big. Somewhere along the way, football’s light shone brighter. Their money tree grew larger. It’s always been about money, but apparently football makes more of it. Even though Louisville and Cuse don’t really have a fantastic football program, they’re going for the buck, man. Screw tradition. That’s for old farts.

The new Big East will be a reasonable facsimile of the old Big East, but it can’t be the same. It won’t be. Many of the original teams will remain, but Dave Gavitt’s Big East is gone. And that’s the way it had to be.

It’s just, to put it in the plainest of terms, it sucks.

Internet Killed the Up and Coming Novelist Star

This story was going to go into the daily linkage, but I have to write about it. As you may or not be able to tell, I’m an aspiring writer. Some people say you shouldn’t call yourself an “aspiring” anything, that instead of aspiring, actually do the thing you want to aspire to. I say fuck those people. Even though I say I’m an aspiring writer, as a blogger I am already sort of a writer (plus, in my day job, I’m an editor, and I do write in my job, but when I was growing up I thought being a writer meant you were a novelist, but, another conversation for another time). But there are many different forms of writing. Novels, graphic novels, comic books, screenplays, plays, journalism…you get the idea. My hope is to one day publish a novel, one that I’m proud of. I am warming to the idea of self-publishing, but aside from determining if the novel was good enough, everything else would have to be properly planned and executed as well.

Anyway, in light of all that, this story I found from the New York Times was unsettling. Writer Alex Mar was recently at MacDowell Colony, a writer’s colony in New Hampshire, hard at work on a book, and its deadline was rapidly approaching. He says in the article that he was churning out better word counts by the day, much more than his average, until he accidentally found out his phone could access the internet. Damn internet! Even in a secluded and isolated place like that, his phone’s WIFI connected him back to the world at large.

All at once the rush of everyday life returned for him. Mar writes, “That’s when I started checking messages. I read e-mails from magazine editors, my agent, my freshman-year roommate, my effusive Cuban mother, Longreads and a puppy-adoption service I’d forgotten I’d signed up for. I had one of the most perfect work spots imaginable at my disposal, and I was choosing to stand four feet outside in Ugg slippers in 20-degree weather in order to go online.”

People with smartphones are always seconds away from the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email. You’re only seconds away from being able to find out that your friend Billy loves the Shamrock Shake so much that he uploaded a picture of it. You’ll scroll through the rest of your newsfeed until you hit a status that you’ve already read. Click on a few links. The rest of your designated writing time is gone before you know it.

His discussion with other writers in the piece is fascinating. Michael Chabon, writer of Wonder Boys and The Adventures of Kavalier and Klay, thinks we’ll all have chips in our head that can tell us everything that’s going on online. Creator of the HBO series Bored to Death said the most disheartening thing of all, telling Mar, “I will probably never write a book again.”I would think that’s a bit of sarcasm/light-hearted joking, but the main theme remains, what can writers do to avoid the distractions?

If brilliant writers such as these are having a hard time finishing their novels, what hope do I have? I’m sure that comes off as an exaggeration on my part, but it’s not far off from a rational thought. You’ll say I need to put in the time and not worry about other people, but I can’t help not being affected by what these prominent writers are saying. As I mentioned before, it’s mainly unsettling.

Allow me to say something not based in fact at all – I’m more easily distracted than most. For the purposes of this, I’m more distracted than any person on the face of this planet. And If I’m working on a novel? Fug-ged-about-it! Writing 200 words and then hitting a brief writing block is enough to make me want to go back online because it’s easy to do and it’s a mindless activity. If the writing gets too hard, really funny cat videos and new Jennifer Lawrence gifs are a few clicks away. So, I’ve gone and written 200 words (that will probably be revised anyway) and went and procrastinated in one of the gazillions of ways there is to procrastinate – and that’s just online.

There are so many distractions for people in general, not just writers. TV, video games, phone calls, texting. Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and more recently the short story collection This is How You Lose Her, mentions that he’s probably only reading around a book a month right now, instead of his usual book a week. And writers need to read. Mostly all writers need to read if they want to write well. Obnoxious writers have claimed they don’t need to read in order to write, which, fine, good for you man who probably wrote a really awful piece of work. I didn’t read it. Others need to write, but even more, they want to read. The internet is making it harder to find the time.

And shit, there’s, you know, a whole life you have to live too. Myself, I have two nephews and a new baby niece to hang out and spend time with. Budgeting one’s time is a really tough thing to do. I don’t even have a girlfriend to distract me with.

I can’t really blame the internet though. It’s my own fault. I have to persevere and not let myself be distracted by it if and when I do choose to start writing fiction again. Blogging is different. You need the internet to blog. It’s the other kinds of writing when the matter of overcoming distractions comes up. The writers mentioned don’t let it distract themselves enough to not finish something they’re working on, they also don’t fool themselves into thinking that something like the internet doesn’t distract them.

So, overall, no, the internet didn’t kill the up and coming novelist, but it certainly didn’t help.

The Daily Linkage

-Smart kids should end up–if they so choose to go to college–at a good school. This isn’t the case for the poor out there. Kids with disadvantages aren’t applying to good schools. Say what you will about college debt, but kids like these need guidance and need to go to school to have a hope at a better life. Many jobs will require/already do require a college degree to get into. If you’re not interested in college, think about a trade school,
if you’re not interested in a trade school, you better be an entrepreneur with a decent idea or willing to work low income jobs for the rest of your life. There needs to be a cheaper way for teenagers from low-income families to submit multiple applications to a variety of schools. Also, obvious statement alert, college just needs to be cheaper in general.

-How much is the internet worth to you? By indetifying consumer gains, research study estimates that the internet is worth around $2600/person.

-C’mon people now, smile on your brother everybody work together…People are sharing more now. Companies like Airbnb lets homeowners offer open rooms in their house to wayward sons. Some people make thousands of dollars in extra income a year doing this. Just make sure you don’t take in a Norman Bates like character and get knifed in the shower. That would be bad.

-Do we like zombies because we as a society feel disempowered? Meh.

-I had never heard of this site before. It’s cool. I moved to Philadelphia in 5th grade so technically I am a Philadelphian (suburbanite, not city dweller), but I’m a fan of New York sports teams. The city of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas have been nothing but good to me though, so finding a website like thisthat tells story about the Philadelphia I might not know about is awesome.

The Kids Are Not Alright: A Girls Recap

First of all, the title of the post. I realize calling these people kids and feeling okay with it contributes to the widespread notion that this show is juvenile and shouldn’t be and cannot be taken seriously at all. These people are overgrown children that showcase everything that is wrong with the millenials and their generation. Ray is the only character (besides Hannah’s parents) that operates outside of their Generation whY bubble. He’s annoyed, he’s much like the kind of viewer that hates and berates this show.

I’m not that kind of viewer. As I expressed last week, I really like this show, and this episode was one of its best yet. Adam and Hot Roswell Girl are going on dates now and seeing movies together. Aw cute couple. She tells him that she’s ready to have sex now… but it’s sex with rules. Which is so much different. She doesn’t want to be on top, wants to make out a lot before they get to the down and dirty. Adam acts like he enjoys this. He says, “I like how clear you are with me,” when we really know he doesn’t. Hot Roswell girl brings up a good point by saying, “What other way is there?” Seriously, I wish we all shared these sentiments. No more playing games with everybody.

Cut to Hannah and her crazy OCD which makes her pick her butt eight times, among other things. A writing deadline of one freakin’ month can do this to a person, I guess. Douchebag Editor guy who gives out deadlines of one month to finish an eBook tells an underling to stop working out, because, duh, that’s so not hip. Trying to be healthier by working out? Yuck. Big arms are super gross. There can’t be editors like this out there, right? Please tell me no. Please oh please tell me no.

Hannah hasn’t produced any writing of value to the editor yet. He stopped reading after a few pages because he didn’t know who was writing it, asking Hannah if her hymen grew back because, haha, women lose that when they have sex for the first time. This dude is totally unbelievable, he’s asking Hannah if she can make it into a novel? Fucking no, douchebag. You can’t write a good novel in one month. Okay, 99.9% of writers can not do this. Bret Easton Ellis wrote the girth of Less Than Zero in a 6 week cocaine-fueled haze, but Hannah only did cocaine once and it didn’t go that well.

Shosh and Ray are doing their Grownup-In-A-Relationship-Arguing thing and Allison Williams is singing now. “Help me lay down this track really quickly?” she asks Ray. She’s laying down tracks now? This cannot be good.

ugh Hannah, stop trying to write a novel in one month. How much writing has she gotten done in the two weeks since Douchebag Editor and her met up? She rubs her ass against the floor and gets splinters. I bet splinters in your ass do not feel good.

Adam and Hot Roswell Girl update: They’re actually dating.

Fucking Marnie shows up to Forbid to bother Charlie. Stop bothering Charlie, Marnie! Oh, they had lunch plans. Haha, he forgot, much like how you forgot how to be a good girlfriend/never were a good girlfriend to begin with. Charlie is laying down jargon like MAU’s and tells her he’s sorry for missing their lunch plans. Don’t be sorry Charlie!

Gah, holy things that hurt really bad, Batman! Hannah is having the worst week ever and punctures her eardrum by going too deep with a Q-tip. She goes to the hospital and the doctor makes the always funny joke of “What were you doing…Digging for gold?” Hilarious, guy. That’s the same thing my mom says when I’m picking my nose. Fucking act like you don’t pick your nose. I see you at the stoplight getting way up in there.

ForbidTM(R)SMwhatever is doing huge things! Already throwing huge parties. Ray is doing his angry at the world thing because Charlie is successful and having a party at his bourgeois pad in Chelsea. Charlie doesn’t know how Shosh deals with being with Ray. Shosh doesn’t know what pensively means.

Can I date Hot Roswell Girl? She’s awesome. They’re awesome together. They’re at an awesome party for her engaged friend. Everything is awesome right now for Adam, don’t mess this up, kid.

Do not sing Marnie. Do not sing. Haha, Katy Perry isn’t that good of a singer. She’s great, but whatever, not as good as Adele, obviously. And Marnie is no Adele. She’s more like that really cute girl in high school that has a really good voice and puts out a few songs on MySpace but then she goes on to become a waitress while still trying to “make it.” The only difference between Allison Williams and that girl is Allison Williams’ father is Brian Williams, and you know, connections, nepotism, singing lessons. The whole shebang.

Adam runs into Hannah outside of the bar. Hannah is ruining everything for everyone, including herself! Adam tells her she looks tired. Don’t ever say a girl looks tired, Adam. I told my high school girlfriend that she looked tired one morning and she proceeded to give me shit about it for the remainder of the relationship, which was all of three months. (Longest relationship to date…ah, thank you).

Fucking Marnie. do not sing at the Forbid launch party. What a conceited little bitch! No, this is not a treat. Sweet, you’re doing a remake of Kanye song that’s a sample of a Daft Punk song.

…Holy shit, this is spectacular. She is bombing. This is so awesome! awesome awesome awesome awesome. I cannot stop typing awesome. After all that awesomeness I don’t know what to do. She has no idea she just made a complete fool of herself! No Charlie! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO do not make out with Marnie. They proceed to do it on his desk but not before Marnie says, “What if people see,” to which Charlie badassedly replies, “Who gives a fuck?” I don’t feel as betrayed by you hooking up with Marnie any more after you said that buddy. Good for you, Charlie.

Shosh confesses to making out with the doorman. Wait, nope, she doesn’t! She says she held hands with the dude. I’m wondering if Ray knows what she meant. He’s not supposed to be as naive as everyone else on the show. Shosh doesn’t know what nadir means either.

Hot Roswell Girl and Adam are back at Adam’s decrepit apartment. She’s not a huge fan of the place, and about to not be a fan of her new Peter Pan/criminal looking boyfriend either .. Since Adam had to get White Girl Wasted after seeing Hannah the freak in Adam is coming out. He tells Hot Roswell Girl to get down on all fours and waddle over to the bedroom. He rips her jeans off. Wait, she doesn’t like you eating her ass out when she hasn’t taken a shower. Other grotesque things happen that Hot Roswell Girl does not like.

Adam says: “This is it, are you done with me?”
Yup. Bye Hot Roswell Girl. It’s been real.

Hannah still has OCD and the gross Q-tip she punctured her eardrum with.

/worst recap ever! (I’m working on it guys!)

The Daily Linkage

Welp, I took the weekend off. I was going to post something yesterday but like a loon I wound up stepping on my laptop and cracking the screen! The horror! I can still post via my iPad so I’m not all that woe-is-me, but hey, I didn’t want to spend money on a new screen! Who would?

-Memories, from the corner of my mind. The Big East as we know it is ending. The New York Times offers the first of what will probably be around 123,549 stories about the last Big East tournament and oh-how-the-years-go-by and the tournament will never be the same. Bring on as many stories as you want. I fully support all of them. The tourament won’t be the same. I’m going to miss the way it used to be, but the new version of the Big East does have some good teams.

-Dude, I’m going to major in Bracketology at SJU. Then maybe I can get a job at ESPN as Junior Bracketologist. I hadn’t caught this one about Joe Lunardi, Phd. I’m not a huge fan of bracketology, and neither is Patrick Sauer, who wrote about his sentiments at The Classical a couple of weeks ago.

-First children and only childs are more likely to earn six figure positions and/or hold executive positions. I guess as a middle child I might as well curl up into a ball and go live in a ditch somewhere.

-Many have hated on Bleacher Report. I never rely on Google for commentary on sports, I normally go to The Worldwide Leader, but Bleacher has certainly cracked some sort of code. Will Leitch typed something into Google recently and a bunch of Bleacher Report articles came up. He wrote an article about how Bleacher Report doesn’t have that good a quality of content, which I agree with wholeheartedly. Co-founder Bryan Goldberg responded to this with his own article, basically saying that young 20-somethings have an opportunity to give their  viewpoint in a Bleacher’ed way (Top Tens Galore!) to a wide audience. Bryan has some okay points but ultimately Will Leitch is the party I side with.

-Dear NBA, please quit for the next 8 years or so. Sincerely, Lebron and the Heat. The Heat won their 18th game in a row against the Pacers. I honestly don’t know why any sportswriting around the NBA is being done on anyone other than Lebron right now. This blog will contain lots of writings/personal musings on the NBA and basketball in general, but seriously, if Lebron keeps playing like this there is no stopping him and any team he is on. Even if a coach comes out with a great gameplan against the Heat in the playoffs and happen to win one game, there are seven games in a series. I’d be really surprised if the Heat don’t repeat this year. It would be shocking.

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